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Waxing is a very common method of temporary hair removal. It can be used almost anywhere on the body and when performed by a trained and experienced technician,  can be effective, non painful and have minimal negative post treatment effects. I can refer you to qualified providers of waxing services should you prefer this service. 



Before obtaining my Electrolysis license,  I have been a licensed Esthetician and DMK Paramedical Skin Technician. We have a product called Alkaline Wash that dissolves hair and dead skin cells.
Fine vellous hair can be time consuming to get rid of with Electrolysis with extremely slow visible results. The hair by hair treatment can take hundreds of hours to clear through all hair growth cycles and can carry a level of discomfort. Overtreatment can result in hyperpigmentation which can be difficult to reduce. By using Alkaline Wash for these specific conditions, clients get all hairs removed in a short amount of time. It is also a great skin exfoliation which can give that fresh skin glow after the treatments.  
We are noticing a reduction in hair regrowth of fine vellous hairs with the use of Alkaline Wash. Knowing Galvanic Electrolysis creates Lye (highly alkaline) to melt the Dermal Papilla from the blood supply, we can assume the Alkaline Wash can seep down the follicle and have similar reactions.  This is not a recognized method of permanent hair removal,  but rather a proven effect we began to notice from treatments other than hair removal. 
I personally feel a client with fine vellous hair can receive better, safer, multiple beneficial results with this technique over the slow process of Electrolysis. Alkaline Wash treatments will require a specific home regimen to achieve the best results. 

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