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Certain conditions limit my ability to perform Electrolysis on certain individuaIls. Health concerns that I may refuse a client for, or I may ask for your doctor's approval are:* Blood Thinning Medication* Cochlear Implants* Dermographia* Haemophilia* Keloid Scarring* Pacemaker* Pegnancy* Recent Scar Tissue in Treatment Area* Active Rosacea in Treatment Area* Certain Skin Diseases/ Disorders * Sunburn in Treatment Area.
Restrictive Contraindications that I may just be more cautious of,  or maybe ask you to consult your doctor depending on the severity of at the time of our consultation may include:* Athsma/ Respiratory Disorders* Auditory Devices apart from Cochlear Implants* Circulatory Problems* Medical Dermabrasion in Treatment Area * Micro-Dermabrasion in Treatment Area * Diabetes* Epilepsy * General Medications* Heart Conditions * Hepatitis/ AIDS/ HIV* High Blood Pressure * Laser/ IPL in Treatment Area * Local Bruising/ Swelling* Loss of Tactile Sensation* History of Cancer * Lupus* Minors* Metal Plates/ Pins as Implants* Nervous Disorders* Skin Diseases/ Disorders* Steriods* Swelling/ Edema* Tatoo* Pigment Disorders
This is not an all inclusive list,  and I reserve the right to deny treatments to protect the client as well as myself.  

Contraindications : Contraindications
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