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After working in the Trades most of my life, I decided to change directions when I was 46 years old. I obtained my Esthetician license in 2018 and became a DMK Paramedical Skin Technician specializing in revising difficult skin conditions. I love changing people's lives by reducing and eliminating skin conditions they have struggled to find solutions to. When the pandemic hit in late 2019, I knew I would have extra time and enrolled in Electrolysis School. This is something that has interested me since moving to Palm Springs as there were not many providers in this area. Being a Trans-woman and having been through hundreds of hours of Electrolysis treatments myself, I am very conscious of my clients comfort yet I adjust as needed to make the treatments effective. Both Electrolysis and Esthetics require great dexterity and hand- eye coordination, so I've been studying piano and playing with yo-yo's. I have come to the conclusion I can never know everything about everything, but so long as I perform to the best of my abilities and strive for improvement always, then my services will have a positive affect on those I encounter. When I moved to Southern California,  I quit drinking and am an active member of 12 step programs. I never had the safe space to simply be myself, so now I can provide a place where my clients can express themselves freely. Love to all living beings is how I want to live. I hope to meet you soon.
Kaycie Lynn Elsass 

Meet Kaycie : Kaycie Lynn Elsass
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