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Located at:
35325 Date Palm Drive Ste 153F
Cathedral City, CA 92234, you can call (760)537-1258 or text (937)507-5816 to schedule appointments.

Utilizing the right modality for your needs, I will provide effective Electrolysis and Skin treatments with your comfort and safety in mind. And yes, I have availability on Sundays and of evenings. Call 760-537-1258 or text 937-507-5816 to book appointments that work for your unique schedule. 

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Discomfort and pain are subjective to each individual client.  With Electrolysis, the simple fact of the matter is that the thicker and more coarse the hair is, the higher the treatment settings are required to be to effectively separate the blood supply from the Dermal Papilla. Topical numbing creams can be found to help in these situations. My promise to every client is I want you to be as comfortable as possible,  yet I want to successfully treat as many hairs as possible in a given session.
 Smaller more concentrated treatment areas have a tendency to be more sensitive than more broad and spread out areas.  We can work together to provide the best situations for you.


Due to increased demand for Electrolysis, Courtney of Hope Electrolysis LLC is opening a clinic in this same complex as Kaycies Electrolysis and Skin Care.  We are excited to build a working relationship with each other to provide clients with timely and effective treatments.  She will be starting on a limited schedule but I encourage all new clients seeking Electrolysis to call her first as I am booked a month out at this time. Her number is (626)714-9608. 
Please be patient with us as we get everything in place for you. Thank you for choosing Kaycies Electrolysis and Skin Care and Hope Electrolysis LLC.  



Using patience to properly shape the brow,  this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with me.


Nobody has to live with unwanted hair. No matter where it is on the body, so long as I can see it and reach it, and as long as a sanitary treatment can be performed, I can treat it. 
     * Clean, sharp facial hair lines.     * No stray Bikini hairs to worry about.     * Permanent shaping in hairline, or even in that special place. 
We can be creative, and personize a look nobody else has. Have an idea but not sure it will work? Call 760-537-1258 or 937-507-5816 and schedule your consultation.  Let's talk about it. Let's make your ideals a reality.



Ingrown hairs can be unsightly and painful. They can cause large areas of discoloratio⁸ns especially in clients with heritage prone to very curly hair. Curly hairs have curly follicles, and after depilation, the sometimes sharp end of the curly hair grows into the side of the follicle instead of following the opening.  There are multiple challenges to successful and safe treatment of these follicles. Different Electrologists have differing preferred techniques for dealing with these issues.  I will work with you to build the right treatment protocol for your specific needs. 


Both Female to Male (F2M) and Male to Female (M2F) transitions can require permanent hair removal. F2M need skin from the arm and thigh for Phalloplasty. M2F Vaginoplasty requires all hair be removed from the scrotum,  phallus shaft, and perineum. I make every effort to provide a secure experience for even the most modest and shy individuals.
Facial hair is usually an undesired trait among M2F as well. This is a long process, and patience is a virtue. I will be reassuring and frequent photos will help show otherwise unseen results.
I am contracted with multiple insurance companies here in Southern California. If you are eligible for insurance coverage, you can ask your provider for a referral to receive your Electrolysis treatments from Kaycies Electrolysis. 



We sometimes gain hair growth in places we don't necessarily want as we get older.  One place that is commonly noticed is hairs in and around our ears. Men may be slightly more prone to this, but nobody has to live with it.  The hairs can be unsightly and can be irritating. I can reach all the offending hairs with most clients.  Some clients have hairs so far down the ear canal I cannot safely reach them, but I will treat the hairs that can be treated. We can work together to obtain the best possible results. 


Back hair, hairs on your fingers and toes, thicker chin hairs sprouting as one ages, my general rule of thumb is if I can reach it and if the probe can enter the follicle at the proper angle, I can treat it. However,  if there are questionable circumstances or other contraindicating factors I simply won't attempt it. I may sometimes ask for you to consult your physician prior to removing hairs from a mole or other skin defect, but that is more for your safety than anything. 



If you have struggled with detrimental skin conditions and nothing seems to help, I suggest starting back at the basics. The appearance and texture of the skin is a direct result of the structures and functions within the skin. With a thorough skin analysis, followed by regular professional treatments and dedication to home care, even the most troublesome skin can be changed. But nothing happens overnight and effort is required.  I can re-train you and your skin with proper techniques, products and treatments that can change your skin, therefore changing your life.



This is my website to share experiences and help educate folks about electrolysis, other forms of hair removal, and skin care All appointments can be booked by calling 760-537-1258, or texting me at 937-507-5816.

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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. "

William A. Foster

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